Who are we?

We are an organization of farmers from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - Colombia that is in charge of the production and commercialization of organic coffee, bee honey and community-based ecological tourism services. Our work is based on the principles of sustainability and fair trade between producers and consumers at national and international level, under the practices of organic farming


352 families associated to the Network

1 delegate for every 10 producers

22 delegates make up the General Assembly of Delegates


We are a group of associated farmers descended from families that were born in the central region of Colombia. Our ancestors arrived to sectors near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in the department of Magdalena, where they established themselves in different farms and dedicated themselves to the cultivation of coffee. 

We inherited the cultivation practices from a very young age and in 1997, twenty-two farmers from the region, who had no representation on the coffee committees, decided to join. This union aimed to develop marketing strategies to position our products in the market. 

Some time later, with the presence of 176 families, associated in 4 groups, we decided to strengthen ourselves as coffee growers. Thus, in 2001 the Ecolsierra Network was legally constituted as an organisation, thanks to the support of the Pro-Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Foundation and the Procafés Project.

Our production processes are subject to the rules of Fair Trade, which is a form of trade encouraged by the United Nations which promotes a fair relationship between producers and consumers, and between workers and employers.

Currently, we are 352 producer families, distributed in 22 base associations and we have a production certified under the organic resolution and sustainable agricultural practices, which give us the privilege of belonging to the niche of "specialty coffee" in the international market. In addition to coffee, we market honey and community-based ecological tourism services, honey and coffee maquilas, and coffee export procedures. 

Every day we bet on diversification in favor of the family economy of our associates, with practices that honor the care of the environment, because we feel privileged to be part of this exceptional territory. 


We are a non-profit organization that promotes the integral development of the farmer-associate, respecting sustainable traditions and ecological balance in order to offer high quality, harmless, competitive and fair value products and services. 

Lhe Network of Ecological Producers of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta -RED ECOLSIERRA, is a non-profit association that promotes the sustainable integral development of the associated farmer and his family, by means of systems of ecological agriculture, with a suitable and committed personnel that acts under the values and principles of the organization, obtaining this way innocuous products of high quality and competitiveness for the fair commercialization at national and international level.


We are building a future of solidarity among producing families who understand, create and promote innovative, ecological and sustainable business models, with the conviction of assuming with transparency the environmental, social and commercial challenges that are presented to us, in favor of an organization that is characterized by solidarity, adaptability and progress.


Respect: for creeds, people, differences and community action 

Responsibility: towards children, the elderly, nature and our heritage. 

Honesty: in the management of our heritage, offering a quality product and fair payment.

Solidarity: in our common cause.

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